Mar 24, 2008

Happy Easter

My LITTLE Chicks

Easter slide show

Mar 21, 2008


Marley and Annie
These girls are cousins, and love each other to death. Marley loves it when Annie comes to town and I don't get a moments peace until she sees her Annie. I have never seen two girls that play and get along so good together. They are so funny and have the biggest imaginations. The other day they were pretending that they could change into anything with the right potion. For awhile they were frogs, then bunnies and at last they found the right potion to change them into...... mermaids. They make me laugh. They can spend hours and days together and still not have enough of each other. We love our Annie and can't wait until she comes to visit again.

Mar 20, 2008


Last night we went to the Rodeo. We all had a great time. Boden loved to watch the bucking bronco's and the bull riding. Marley liked the girls barrel racing. I was really fun to watch and to do this with our kids.


This was Sunday at my parents house. My brother Zach had his mission report and we
took this picture of all the grandkids.

Mar 16, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Mar 13, 2008

Oh Crap!

Yahoooooo. Piper is potty trained. I can't believe it. I've really hated potty training before, but this little chick was easy. One day she just decided that she wanted to wear panties. So we gave it a try (I thought, their is no way she can understand, I just barely got Cory trained) She is totally amazing. Now when I ask her if she needs to go, she races to the potty, sits down, listens for the tinkle. She gives High-5's and big hoorays, then she gets her prize nem nems(M&Ms)and off she goes. Whoo hooo. I love this kid. listening for the tinkle
Yea she did it. HOoraY
get the nem nems
good job little pip.

29 years...........

Cory and I had our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday. Its so hard to believe that we have been married that long, because it doesn't feel that long. While we were out to dinner we were remembering our lives together. We have come to figure out that we met and became friends over 20 years ago. So weird, now that's a long time. We had a great day, and a fun night out with NO KIDS. We laughed a lot, winked a lot, and after all these years are still best friends and so in love. 9 years, three kids, and so much more to look forward to. I cant wait.

Mar 10, 2008

Marley's 7th Birthday

Marley had a busy day. Since our families are so big we separated into two different parties. The Briscoe family was a 1:00 at McDonald's because it is one of Marley's favorite places to eat. So we met there, and the kids ate happy meals and played outside on the toys. It was a lot of fun. The next party at our house was a combined party with Grandma Patti whose birthday is the next day. Marley open presents, she was so surprised when her dad walked in with a new bike. She was not expecting that. Then we ate cake and ice cream and everyone played the Wii.
Marley is such a good girl and it makes me sad to see how fast she is growing up. She is such a joy to have in our family.

Mar 6, 2008

Zach Home From Argentina

Leslie's brother Zach just got home from his mission in Argentina. He served for two years and came home to a much bigger family. He got three new nieces while he was gone. He loved his mission and was a wonderful missionary. We all missed his very much and are so happy to see him home.

Zach brought all the boys back jerseys.

Mar 3, 2008

Breakin kids

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