Nov 15, 2008

Disney on Ice

My sweet mother got tickets for us moms and the older kids to go to Disney on Ice. Marley and Boden were so excited to go see it, they had seen the commercials on T.V. and every time they would say we are going to that. It was great,and everyone of them loved it. Thanks Grandma Patti.

Bed Heads

This is the morning after the show. We all stayed together at a Hotel. All the kids were on the bed with Grandma watching cartoons.

Marley is a NUT

Marley had a 2nd grade program last week. It was all about the circle of life starting with nuts that grow into a tree then the nut falls to the ground again. Her part was "There are Nuts all over the ground." She did a very good job. Her sister being the girl that repeats everything that is said, has repeatedly been sayng "there are nuts all over the ground" everyday since.

Nov 3, 2008


It has seemed like Halloween has lasted a week. We started out in our costumes at my nephew Parker's birthday party. Then we had our wards trunk or treat, then we had Boden's Halloween party at school. Next it finally was the real Halloween and we went to Marley's school for her parade and party, then trick of treating. I love Halloween but it seriously WORE ME OUT.
We have Hanna Montana, Cinderella, and a Power Ranger.

She loved putting make up on,
Pretty Princess

Outside Boden's Preschool, Dylan, Lilly, Miss Sherry, Boden and Piper.
Merrill Grandkids, Lilly, Boden, Marley, Parker,and Piper.
Marley's Parade
Boden and Piper watching the parade.