Jan 14, 2011

Koen's 2nd Birthday

My baby boy turned 2.
I can't believe how fast time goes. He is getting so big, he is very smart little boy and knows exactly what he wants. He loves his brother and sisters so, so much. They play together all the time. Koen and Piper are really close, they play while the other kids are at school all day. He doesn't talk very much still, but we sure do understand exactly what he wants. He is always hungry, and will eat anything. He is very sweet and loves to give hugs to everyone. Happy Birthday little bud. We had two party's, one with the Merrill's, and one with the Briscoe's. My sister in law made the cakes, she always does a better than perfect job.

Then we had a Party at the Briscoe's. Dylan turned 7 and he and Koen shared a cake. They each got to eat their own car, and then they opened presents from Grandma Sandy.

Jan 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

December a a full month of very special happenings. Dec 3, Zach ad Jessica their first baby boy named Gavin, then on the 6th Andrew and Randi had their second baby named Tyke. Next came Nate and Jens baby on the 10th a girl named Kourtney, and last was Stacy and Heaths baby, a boy on the 20th named Dexter. Cory and I are in baby heaven. We love to hold all of these babies. Then it was Christmas time and I love this time of year when family gets together, there is NOTHING better.
Marley planned a show for the grandkids to do, and they did such a good job, they all had parts and songs to sing, it was very sweet, I remember being this age and my cousins and I doing the exact same thing. Next the kids put on the Nativity costumes and did the Nativity. Piper was Mary, Parker was Joseph, Gavin was baby Jesus.

All 11 Merrill grandkids
the 3 newest on the Merrill side
Gavin, Kourtney, and Dexter
Marley and Boden waiting downstairs for me to give them the ok to come up.

Jan 4, 2011

Christmas Card Photo