May 27, 2008

Camping in the mud

This is our first camping trip this year. Even though the weather was cold and rainy we just had to go anyway. We had a great time. I think this might have been the funnest. I cringed at the thought of having filthy kids with mud all over but after awhile they look weird without it. We ran our batteries down and ran out of water, but it was great. We are already talking about when we can go again. I love my dirty little family.

May 21, 2008

Preschool Program

The Pumpkin Patch Preschool
Boden introducing himself and telling how old he is.
The pledge of allegiance
singing and dancing
On the farm Boden is a pig. Oink
Getting his yearbook from Miss Sherry
Getting ready to take a bow.
Nice Job Bo, Momma and Dad are proud of you.

May 19, 2008


eating suckers

Merrill grandkids Lilly and Piper
Tandi ready to get off.

May 14, 2008

The Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with Bodens preschool.
Bodie Boy
Slayter, Boden, and Dylan
Piper was not to interested in the Buffalo
The Bear
The Bear scratching its back, The kids were laughing so hard.
Piper when she first saw the Bear.

May 13, 2008

Mothers Day

Grandma Hartley, My Momma, Me, Sis Stacy, and Sis in Law Jen

I had a wonderful mothers Day. I got many cards from my babies. One of them telling me I need to do better cart wheels (I will be sure to work on that Marley). I got a wonderful magnet that looks like a flower, I got a bracelet from Boden that he made in preschool, only I didn't get it because he couldn't remember where he put it. I got cute new pair of shoes, because I love shoes. I got a clean house and lots of kisses. I am so LUCKY to be a mom.

May 9, 2008

Parker and Boden

My sister Stacy just got new carpet in her house. While they were getting new carpet her house was torn apart, so we invited Parker to come over to play and sleep over. The boys has a good time. We went to wal-mart for a few things and came across bubble wands. The boys each got one and when they got home they pretended they were pirates and those were their swords. They were really cute. Then it was bed time and that was a different story. They kept kicking and pushing each other off the bed. Every other minute someone was crying. So we separated them for a bit until they fell asleep and then carried Bo back to bed. They slept really well and had a great time.

May 6, 2008


Today we were lucky enough to get to babysit my niece Baili. She is 10 months old. She is very bright eyed and so observant. She loved watching the kids play. Piper loved having someone smaller than she is to boss around. The two girls were really cute together, they would play and move on to something else, and every where they went I had to take just one more picture.
Adorable little Baili
Piper putting a lei on Bail
Piper saying "so cute"
reading a story
playing piano
Piper wishing she could have that BaBa.

May 2, 2008

Cory and Leslie

I just got a new toy.....its a scanner. Exciting I know, but I have lots of pictures that I need that are not on my computer. Anyway, this is the first picture that I scanned. This is Cory and I on our honeymoon in Cancun. I really like this picture of us. Its not that clear but at least I got it to work and that makes me happy.