Jul 27, 2008


Friday we drove to I.F. for a trip to the Zoo.
visiting with the Parrot
My little chicks have hatched
Piper and the Pig donkeys
getting a drink from the Lyon fountain
Marley and the tiger rrrrrhhh.
Piper scratching the monkey's back.
They liked the monkeys the best.

Jul 22, 2008

Marley Finally Lost Her Top Teeth.

I have been dreading the moment when Marley looses her baby teeth and the big giganto teeth start to come in. It will be such an awkward time, especially since she has a tiny mouth, and will most definately need braces. Today, she finally pulled these teeth out. For the past two months, her teeth have been loose and turning a nice shade of gray because they were totally ready to come out. Yeah, I am happy they are out, but not ready for the giganto teeth yet.

Boden climbing the thing

On the day of the 24th of July Parade, the park had this big climbing thing which Boden thought had something to do with spiderman. Anyway he had to climb on it.

Yeah, he landed on his head, not very much like spiderman. Oh well!

Jul 16, 2008

Merrill Family Reunion

This last weekend we had my Merrill side family reunion in Bear Lake (I love bear lake).
My Grandma said out of 60 members of our family we were missing 12. That is a pretty good turn out. We had so much fun camping with every one. I was so great to visit and sit around the fire roasting marshmallows. Saturday we spent most of the day at the beach. I was such a perfect day. I was really bad at taking pictures, I only took pictures at the beach. Anyway, We had a great time.
Our Family
Marley and Presley
the big boys swimming
Lunch time on the beach
Kids in the raft
Presley and Marley
Allie and Piper
Marly, Kara, and Presley buried Zach and made him a Mermaid.

Jul 11, 2008

We're having a baby!!!!

Yes we are expecting. We told our families on 4th of July. The kids are so excited. For some crazy reason Boden is the most excited. He wants a brother and is already calling him Bob. He is always asking if I can hear Bob yet. We are due around January 19th.

Jul 6, 2008

The Lake

Nate and Jen invited the whole family to American Falls and they took their Boat out. All the little girls had so much fun playing in the sand.
Piper and Tandi
Marley and Annie

Fourth of July

This was a crazy busy day, but we had fun. The most relaxing part was waiting for the fireworks to start and watching the kids get so excited.
Piper, Marley, Megan, Lilly, and Boden
Megan and Piper
Megan, Bo, and Lilly
Lilly watching the fireworks
Its funner to watch them than the fireworks

More Swimming

I had Lilly, Parker and Tandi over to swim in my backyard. The kids made their own slippin' slide off the slide on the swing set and had a blast. They didn't even touch the pool.
Boden riding the turtle down the slide
Cute little sun bathers.
Tandi and Piper
Parker, Tandi, Marley, Lilly, Piper, and Boden
This part was great ... ... Stacy and I thought that since Tandi was crying anyway let's go ahead and put her down the slide. It was so funny, we think that she secretly liked it.

More Summer Swimming

We went to Stacy's house one day and she got her slipping slide out. It was a hot day and they had a good time.
Boden slipping
Parker and Boden showing off their huge muscles
Snack time