Dec 31, 2009

Lots of Christmas

I am amazed at how fast Christmas comes and goes. I love this time of year, and the time spent with my family. I love my babies, and the smiles on their faces. I love the ornaments that fall off the tree, and the nativity sets that get rearrange everyday. I love the moment when everything is in chaos and my husband smiles at me from across the room. This year was the best. I think that I say this every year, but it was.
This is Koen's first Christmas
Daddy and Piper playing tea.

Koen loved the mess
Marley loved her snuggie and barbie
Boden got Ben 10 toys
Piper got her pink big bike from Santa
The Naivity
singing Christmas songs
The grankids and their gifts to each other
Piper and Koen
Gramps and Koen
Koen sportin' his new jams
All the girl got new puppies in a bag.
Merrill cousins and their new jammies from Grandma
some silly briscoe cousins
Koen and Oakli

Dec 24, 2009

Christmas Sunday

This is before church on Sunday in the kids Christmas clothes.

Gingerbread Madness

All the Briscoe's got together in Dougs garage to make gingerbread houses. It was fun. Lots of candy, kids running around everywhere and that is why we did this in a garage and not Grandma Sandys house.
Piper and Boden, she put more candy in her mouth than on the house.
Marley getting ready to string up Christmas lights.
one of the four tables of kids
We got a quick shot of the grandkids. We are missing the 3 oldest in this picture.
Some of the finished houses. Piper and Boden's is the second one in the front.

Passed out !

I caught these two passed out in the living room. I thought it was cute.

Marley's 3rd grade Program

Marley had a Christmas program at school. They sang songs and everyoe had a part to do. She did really good and I loved it.

Dec 9, 2009

Salt Lake City

Every year we go with my family to Salt Lake to see the lights, go shopping, eat at Olive Garden and every year I love every bit of it. I am so grateful for my parents who make this event happen each year.
The whole Merrill family
Our fam
Koen at his first year of this.

Dec 2, 2009

Where has the time gone

What happened to November. This month when by so stinkin' fast. I have been a bad blogger. These are the pictures that I have from November. Its of Koen, cause he is the cutest. He had a little biff it party on his nose, its been scratched and rescratched all month long. He still keeps a smile on his face though. He is a fast moving kid. He is everywhere and is walking along furniture, and climbing up things and crawling everywhere. I love this age. All though we did decorate our Christmas tree and now only the top half is decorated. Gotta love it.
Daddy and Koen


Our Fam
Koen and his cousins, Crew and Ryder
Piper and Baili
Andrew, Cory and Angela