Sep 9, 2010

First day of school

Piper was so excited for her 1st day of preschool with miss Jen. She had her clothes and hair planned for weeks.

Marley 4th grade
Boden 1st grade
together in front of the school
Koen eating ice cream, no school for him.

Bear Lake / Cory's Birthday

We went to Bear Lake over Labor day weekend with all of the Merrill family. It was also Cory's 34th Birthday. I bought a cake for him and made sure to put all 34 candles on. We camp at a great spot right next to the beach and spent all day Saturday there getting a little sun burnt. T little kids had fun riding their bikes and playing wit each other. All of us ladies got a little obsessed with a game called wackee 6. Great weekend but maybe a bit too windy.
Cory with his cake, too windy to light the candles, they would go out to fast.
Love ya Cory!
Our Family
The gang
Grandpa and Grandma with the grandkids
The Cousins
Parks and Bo
Uncle Zach burring Koen in the sand.
Now he is done.
cute little boys