Mar 20, 2010


It has been so nice outside lately and Piper has been wanting to go outside to ride her new bike that she got for Christmas. So while the older kids were at school we went out. Koen loved it, and through a fit when I bought him in. It was fun watching him explore, last summer he was just an itty bitty baby.


March 12th was our 11th wedding anniversary. What a great 11years. We went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse and then to the movie Avitar. It was such a great night, I love this boy.

Marley's 9th Birthday

Marley turned nine on March 7th. I can't believe how old she is. She is a wonderful girl, and has many friends. She had a party with some of her friends and cousins. They ate pizza and made necklaces. Her birthday cake was home made asfault pie. Then the next day we had family parties with both sides. She got a desk for her room. She was very excited about that.

Marley and her grandma Patti. They share birthdays. Patti's is the day after.

Mar 17, 2010

Boden's 6th Birthday

February 25, was Boden's birthday. He was my first child to actually plan his own birthday party without my knowledge. We usually take turns with birthday parties and this year is Marley's turn to have a friend party. We told Boden that he would have a just a family party. Well the next day I got a call from a mother in Boden's class that called for details about Boden's party. She said he told her her son was invited and that it was on Thursday at his house. Well, I was surprised, and told the mom I would call her back. Then I talked to Bo. He said "ya I planed it and we are going to play Wii games and have cake and ice cream. I just could not tell that excited little boy no, so he did get his friend party and they did play Wii games and he loved every bit of it. I now decided to let every kid have a friend party in the same year, and then have a a break for a couple of years.