Aug 21, 2010

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell this year with Cory's family. It was very fun I must say, except for the long drive. We got lots of sun, and rain, and clouds. The food was amazing, everyone took a meal or two to share, and I loved it. We left my little Koen home with my Mom and Dad, I just would have worried a lot if he were there. I missed him like crazy and thought about him the whole time, but I was sure glad we left him. Marley got sea sick a couple of the days, but she spent most of her time on the sand making sand castles. Piper loved being able to swim all by herself with her life jacket, even though it took a LOT of coaxing to make her realize it. Boden loved the water, a little too much, cause he got a rash from wearing the life jacket, but that did not slow him down when he figured out that if he wore a t-shirt it helped quite a bit. Cory played volleyball and read a book, a enjoyed not working. I was very relaxed and had a great time on my floaty. :D

Fun at a parade

This is the 24th of July parade.

My mom and Dad watching the parade, this is what my dad does to all the kids pants when he gets his hands on them.
Tandi and Piper with our kitty's

Boden lost his 1st tooth

Boden finally lost his first tooth. He was kind of nervous, because he had seen his sister get teeth pulled out, but got enough courage to let his momma pull it out. In all the excitement with the tooth coming out, he swallowed it. So he and Marley wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened, it worked because the tooth fairy did leave some money for that toothless boy.

Swimming in the backyard

Piper got this frog swimming pool for her birthday, and since then the kids have been out swimming a lot. So these are just some of the snapshots that I have taken. Koen however LOVES the water. Swim suit, naked, or fully clothed he is trying to get in that pool. He loves the sprinkler that comes out of the frogs head, and thinks it is his very own drinking fountain.

Boden T-Ball

This was Boden's 3rd year at T-ball. He is getting t be such a good player. He had more fun this year he sad cause his team was orange and called Orange Crush. He got to play with his best bud Parker and also another cousin Dawson.
Parker, Boden an Dawson

Forth of July weekend

This weekend we spent camping at Heise with all of my family and the Bernts. Sadly these are the only pictures that I took. I was very fun and overcast, too cold to go swimming, which the kids were really bummed out about. The grownups played games and listened to Cory's ghost stories.
The cousins
My little things
buds, Boden and Parker