Dec 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had the best Christmas morning. The kids slept in until 8 o'clock which is great for them. Then Marley came and woke us up. It is always so much fun to watch them get so excited at what Santa gave them. It was fun to watch Piper, she is now understanding a little bit more and she gets so excited with the rest of the kids. I love being with my husband and kids and that is such a wonderful gift itself. I am a very lucky mommy.

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. We always spend it with my family and it is always so much fun. We have grandparents over for dinner and lots of goodies to eat. Then us big girls have to put on our matching PJs, which we love to do. Then we exchange gifts, which leads to a massive mess, but we love it anyway.
Don't we look sweet, especially that belly. Yikes! Marley got a doll beauty chair from her cousin Lilly.
Piper got a cute doll from cousin Tandi.
I got a brush kit from my sis.
Bo got some Lincoln Logs from Grandma and Grandpa
Crazy mess
Cute outfit for the Baby

Santa Came

Santa also came to the Bernt Merrill party and brought candy canes and little gifts for everyone.

Bernt / Merrill Chrismas party

What a cute little party we had. We ate a big dinner when we got there and then the kids put on a cute little nativity story. Boden and Lilly were Joseph and Mary, Parker was a shepherd, Annie was an angel, the rest of the girls were wise men. It was adorable. Anyway, fun night.

Dec 22, 2008

Christmas Sunday

Dec 16, 2008

Snow Shoveling Weirdo

I LOVE to shovel snow. I LOVE to watch snow being shoveled. I love it so much that I could just sit at my window and watch all the neighbors shovel their snow. Well, its been snowing here for a couple of days and Cory threatened me not to shovel snow thinking it would put me in labor. He has been working and has not had time to shovel the snow. So today when he came home early from work I ask enthusiastically, "Are ya going to shovel the snow?" He sat his lunch down and I bundled up the kids, and we all went out to watch daddy shovel the snow. I LOVED it.
Piper loved putting on her "Snow swimsuit" as she called it.
Boden who is seriously obsessed with goggles
Piper helping to shovel snow
Daddy helping Piper and her little shovel

Dec 12, 2008

4 more weeks

We got a new Nephew on Wednesday. He belongs to Randi and Andrew. His name is Ryder Andrew Briscoe and is so adorable. I am quite jealous that my sister in law has had her baby. We have been miserable together now for a long time. Oh well, I am just happy she is doing well and the baby is healthy. I am scheduled to have my baby 4 WEEKS FROM TODAY. I have had every baby by C-section, so I can plan my day. I am counting down. Hooray!

Dec 8, 2008

Merrill Salt Lake Trip

This is one of my most favorite times of the year. We always go to Salt Lake with my family the first week in December. This year was so fun. We saw the lights at temple square and ate a olive garden the first day. The next day we went to the Childrens Discovery Museum. The kids loved every second of it. I loved it too, just to watch them pretend they were grown ups. Then later that day after a bit of shopping we all went to Chucky Cheese for dinner. That place is nuts. We had a great time though. I love to be with my family. Yes, my belly takes up the whole picture.
My wonderful family
The kids getting ready to ride the train. We rode it all over, it was great.
At the Chidrens Museum

Dec 1, 2008

Who needs toys when you have marshmallows

Cory and Piper found a bag of stale, crunchy marshmallows today. He made Piper a little marshmallow family. She played and played with them for a long time and loved it. Now he thinks he should make all the Christmas presents this year.


Yes we are crazy, we had a few cousins spend the night after Thanksgiving. Lets just say we are thankful that we survived.

Thanksgiving Family Picture