Oct 22, 2007


Well, Marley has been waiting a long time to loose a tooth, and finally she did. We were all at cousin Parker's birthday party, and Marley's tooth was barley hanging on. Her uncle Nate said "I'll give you a dollar now if you let your mom pull that out," and she agreed. So we all started to count to three and got to two, and that's when her mom pulled that tooth out. She was in shock for about a minute and then remembered her money Nate was going to give her. He gave her two dollars (what a nice uncle). Then she went around to show everyone. Her cousin Lilly saw the tooth and right away wanted her tooth pulled too. Marley was very proud of herself and so happy.

Oct 6, 2007

The 80's are back

We went to our friend Bryson's Birthday party. The Theme, The 80's. It was a riot remembering all the fashion trends that were in the 80's. I was fun getting dressed up and laughing at what we looked like. Our kids thought we were nuts. Oh well, We had a great time.
These are a few of our friends that were at the party, Adrianne and Bryson in the middle and Keiko and Rob on the end.