Aug 27, 2008

We had a nice relaxing weekend at my sis in laws family's cabin. I was great. My brother Nate made a big water slide for the kids to play on and it was a bit bumpy from what Marley said, but they liked it a lot.
Marley and Piper
Playing in the soap suds. Piper, Marley, Boden, Lilly, and Nate
Boden Loved the sand box.
Marley and Lilly lookin' good

Aug 25, 2008

ITS A BOY!!!!!

Marley's First Day of School

On the 21st Marley started 2nd grade. She is in Mrs. Melines class. She loves her teacher, and has a lot of her friends in her class. She is so excited and ready to learn more. She is going to have a great school year.

Aug 21, 2008

Willow Flats

All of the Briscoe's went camping to Willow Flats last weekend. It was great. It was dirty. It was so fun. We all had our trailers and had a huge group site that fit us all. Everyone else brought their 4 wheelers and motor bikes, and it was a crazy dust cloud most of the day with the kids riding them. Boden was in heaven riding the mini 4 wheeler with Dylan. Marley was oh so happy with her cousins, and Piper was happy with any snack that she got. We loved the action filled weekend and can't wait to do it again.
Grandpa Vern, Grandma Sandy and ALL of their 18 grand kids
Pip, Mar, and Bo
Crew in front of the family picture.
Boden 4 wheeling
Dinner Line
Bently, Piper, Sophie and Dylan
Chloe, Lacie and Marley
Piper and Slayter
Daddy and Piper

Aug 19, 2008

Downetta Hot Springs

We went to Downetta camping and to the pool for a couple of days. We went with Cory's sister Angela and her kids. We went on a Monday and came home on Tuesday night. I was so nice. We just about had the place to ourselves. We all loved the pool. It was so fun to watch Marley swim and to see how good of a swimmer she is. She was very brave. She went down the dragon water slide six times and was so proud of herself. Boden and Piper loved the little kid slide and we could hardly keep them off it.
Cory and the kids
Boden and Cory
Marley and Alexis

Aug 2, 2008

Cruzin' Babes

Tandi and Piper