Jul 28, 2007

family slide show

Jul 27, 2007

Lesson almost learned

So, I have a very bad habit of leaving my curling iron on or my straightener on. I really try to remember, I know that it is dangerous and could cause a fire, but I really do try. Well this morning I could not find my straightener, and looked and look all over, suddenly I got a flashback of when I was a teenager living at home, and I would leave my curling iron on and my Dad would unplug it and fling it outside into the backyard. Whenever I would start to get ready and could not see my curling iron sitting there, I would just walk to the backyard and go a curling iron hunt. So today when I could not find it I called up Cory at work and asked,

"Did you take my straightener?"

"Ya I did.

"Where is it, I'm trying to get ready."

"Well, I am trying to teach you a lesson, to turn that thing off."

"OK, I promise to turn that thing off. Where is it?"

"I hid it in the closet"

Jul 23, 2007

Puppies for sale

Ohh the joy of teaching a puppy not to bite.

Get this dog off my bum already. sheesh!

Jul 17, 2007

Lava water slide

When we were at our Merrill family reunion in lava, we went to the pool one day. In lava they have a water slide. This water slide they wont let kids go down with anyone, they have to go by themselves. So Boden who is our little swimmer had to go down the slide. He love it and went over and over again and again. He made me laugh. Also, he had to wear his spiderman goggles non stop with his spiderman swimsuit. Marley was so scared to go down the slide, but after she watched Boden go down a few times she thought she would be brave enough to go.

This is Bo as he came down the slide the first time.

This water slide is a black hole and Boden did not like this one it was too dark inside.

This is Cory, ohhh juu get water in yrr eyes.

Yeah for Marley, she made it.

Boden tring the belly down.

Jul 11, 2007


Well, we got hooked. She came into our life so sneaky. We were at Cory's parents house for dinner when his cousin brought her over "just to look at," he said. When the time came to leave we were in love doggie-style. It was the craziest thing, we didn't want a dog, we already have Skittles the cat. Why would we want a dog. We said we will just take her to show Cliff and maybe he would want her, if not, we would return her. The owners agreed. We took her to Cliff but he didn't want a dog just yet. When Stacy saw the dog she immediatly wanted her, but Heath said no. So she came home with us "only overnight". Well the sweet little thing got our hearts and we fell hard. So this is the newest member of our big and crazy family. Kaycee !

This is Marley who promises to clean up all the dog poop and make sure she has food and water. (yeah, right!)

This is sweet little Kaycee

Tired Boys

Parker came to play today while his mom and dad moved into their new house. The boys played and played and got a bit worn out, then decided to relax in the pool. These two boys are 8 months apart and just have the best time playing together.

Jul 5, 2007


Boden and Marley with Sparklers

Marley, Piper, Boden and Parker watching fireworks

The 4th of July was a fun filled day. We went to the parade and I forgot my camera, but the kids loved the candy and horses. Then we went to a couple of barbeque's and both family's house and then it was time for fireworks. Aunt Stacy gave the kids sparklers and Boden forgot that it was hot when they went out and he burnt his finger. Grandma Patti saved the day with a bag of ice which he took to bed with him and could not go to sleep without it. Thank you. Then it was time for the big fireworks. I think it is more fun to watch the kids reaction to the fireworks than watching the fireworks. They loved it, especially Piper who this is her first time really watching them, was so excited and clapped and pointed and the big booms. Cousin Parker on the other had liked them too, but only with his blanket covering him except for his eyes. It was funny.

Jul 1, 2007

Heise Hot Springs

Boden and Cory going down the water slide

Piper and Marley

Piper calls it a day.

This is the first morning at breakfast.

The Happy Campers

Piper and Cousin Tandi

Marley and Cousin Lilly

Gandma Patti and the LittleGirls

We went to Heise camping this weekend and had SO much fun. We went up on Thursday and stayed by ourselves. We had a quiet night with the kids and spent time just relaxing in quiet. The camp sight we were at was so peaceful and had lots of grass so the kids could just play and not get dirty, but knowing or kids they did manage to find dirt and go on a rock hunt. They had so much fun just looking for rocks to clean in the water. Anyway, our first night was so dark and clear that you could see all the stars and a huge full moon. Loved it.
The next day we got up and went swimming to the pool and found out how much Boden loved the water side. He had no fear, and loved going down it. Marley on the other hand, liked it also but would work her self up and get so scared. We had to bribe her with a milkshake just to go down the slide. The pool was fun to watch the kids swim and play.
When we got back from swimming the rest of the Merrills were there, even Stacy and Heath who decided to just get away from all the stress from moving.
Nate and Patti cooked up a very good Dutch oven dinner and then guess what we did, relaxed some more. We had another good night visiting and watching the stars. The next day we had to leave and we got ready to go, and then we went to the pool again with the whole family. It was fun to watch all the little kids and Grampa Cliff swimming and going down the water slide. This trip was Great.