Mar 26, 2009

ST. George and Las Vegas

Wow, what a vacation we just had. We went to sunny St. George for my cousin Todd's wedding. It was so nice to be in warm weather, we were so happy. We shopped and went swimming, and had a great time. The wedding was very nice, and it was fun to see the St. George temple. We took lots of pictures. Then after the wedding, the next morning we drove to Las Vegas to play around. There we went to see tigers, to the Shark Reef Aquarium, the M&M factory and lots more. We for sure had a lot of fun, and we were very tired. We came home on Tuesday and did not want to leave.
Driving in our car, we were happy to get out of town.
All 8 grandkids
The grandkids
Parker, Boden. Tandi, Piper, Lilly, Marley, Koen and Megan
Parker and Boden
The kids on the steps at the Temple
Our Family in front of the temple
The Merrills
The St. George Temple
Koen and Piper taking a nap
Playing a Horse Racing game in the Excalibur.
We were watching a movie that Stacy, Zach, and the kids made.
My family at the Luxor
Tandi and Piper chilllin in the strollers.
My little Brother Zach just had his 22 birthday. He is a cutie.
Tandi, Piper, Parker, Marley and Bo
In front of the sign
In a big tunnel of fish all around.
Zach, Marley and Bo
Looking at the Sting Ray. They are in a big pool and you can pet them if you want.
Looking at the Sting Ray.
The alligator at the Aquarium
Boden and Parker
The M&M race car
Our family in front of the Excalibur
Parker and Boden loved the dancing water.
Stacy, Marley and Me in front of the Bellagio Hotel

Mar 25, 2009

Koen 2 months

Last week Koen had his Dr. Appointment, and his two month shots. He did super. He is weighing in at 11 lbs 10 oz. He is seriously carrying it all in his cheeks. He is smiling at us now, which we love. He is such a good boy and I am loving every minute with this little boy of mine.

Mar 11, 2009

Marley's Baptism and Birthday, Koen's Blessing

This last weekend was a special day for our family. We had a Baptism and a Blessing. Marley had her 8th birthday. This birthday she was so excited for because it was also her baptism day. She had made the decision a long time ago that this is what she wanted to do. She was very prepared, and very proud to become a member of the church. Her dad was the lucky one that baptized her. We also blessed our baby Koen on this day. What a proud mother I am. I will always remember the wonderful feeling of happiness and gratitude that I had when I saw these two little children get their blessings from their father.
After the blessing and Baptism we went over to our church building and had a luncheon and a birthday party for Marley. It was so much fun and so very nice. We had a lot of family and friends come. Thank you everyone that came for your love and support.
Marley and Daddy
Koen and Marley on their special day.
Our Family
Great Grandma's
Gramdpa Vern and Grandma Sandy
Great Grandma Hartley
Lacie, Chloe, Marley, and Rylie
Marley and Chloe
Lilly and Marley
Most of the kids at the kids table
Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to Miss Marley
Her Birthday Cake that Aunt Lori made. It was SO GOOD.
Mar and her presents.

Mar 10, 2009

The Accident

His dad said "BODEN stop, someone is going to get hurt."

She cried a lot, but now thinks her eye is pupleicious.

Mar 4, 2009


This is Koen taking a bath. He really cracks me up because he is so serious looking all the time. He mostly raises an eyebrow and looks at me like I'm a weird mama. I'm just trying to get him to smile.