Oct 21, 2009

Yellowstone Park

Cory has been wanting to go to Yellowstone for so long, and me, not so much. So he planned for us to go and got a hotel in West Yellowstone, and then he told me so I couldn't back out. It was a good trip except that it was so cold outside and snowy. Some of the roads were closed. We planned to see it in one day but saw what we could in two. We did have a good time. We saw no bears, alot of Buffalo, one wolf, and a few elk. The kids are already looking forward to coming back when it is warm. Had to put this picture in of Koen
Yellowstone Woohoo!
At Old Faithful, Burr.
Loving the drive
This crazy crow is sitting on our rear view mirror. Cory threw him Cheerios's and he would catch them in its mouth.
At the mud pots
Marley checking out the view.
Its fall right?
Koen and his Daddy
Marley hugging the bear
Bo and Mar
Cute Boys
Some Buffalo
The stink pots
This buffalo had a big snow ball in its beard and the kids thought it was hilarious.
At the falls, it was so windy and cold. Burr!
Buffalo in the street Cory and I and the Tetons, yes it was windy here too.

Oct 7, 2009


Koen's 9 months

Today Koen is 9 months old. Boy has that been the fastest 9 months of my life. This chuba bubba is the best. He is so sweet and loves everyone. He especially loves me and kisses me non stop, I love it. He is barley crawling, crawls backwards really well, and we are working on going forward a bit better. He loves to eat, baby food not so much, but whatever we are eating for dinner or lunch he has to have a part of it. He loves to play with cars, he holds them and spins the wheels. Koen loves his sisters and brother and is always entertained when they are around. We love this little guy.


This is Boden and Marley's first year at playing soccer. They get better and better every game. I'm glad that they both like it.