Aug 27, 2007

First Day of First Grade

Well it was a very exciting day. A whole new class, a new teacher, and now lunch at school. Marley was sure a good sport today. She had lots of butterfly's in her stomach but made it through the day with flying colors and loved it. She likes her teacher and met new friends and even managed to remember her lunch code so that she could eat lunch.

Camping at Bear Lake

We went camping up St. Charles canyon in Bear Lake with the Merrills. It was great, and everyone had a good time. We took our dog Kaycee with us and she had a good time too. The kids were alot of fun and we all LOVE camping. Cory, Marley and Boden to the Minnatonka cave and Marley was so proud that she climed all of the 444 stairs in and out. Boden climed a total of about 5 before he tired out and had to be carried. We hiked alot in the hillls and played down by the creek with Kaycee, she loved the water so much that one time she got a little too close to Bo while he was, (ahem) watering the weeds, and got a face full. She had to thrown in the creek to be cleaned. The lake is so beautiful this year and our annual golf game was was another record breaker.
Day 3 and everyone's still smiling ..... (weird)Who's mama's cutest little piggy...?

Grandpa Cliff and the kids hunting for a Sasquatch.
Bo and Piper on snack duty (again...)
Grandma Patti managed to wrangle ALL the grandkids into one picture frame.
Grandma with Lilly and Piper (Aaahhhh... with all that sass they could be sisters)

At The Beach

On Saturday after Golfing we all went to the Bear Lake beach. We had such a fun day. It was very relaxing and the kids had so much fun. Marley spent the entire time playing in the sand and making a castle, and tring to keep the little ones from helping too much. Piper loved the snacking and dipping her toes in the water. Boden like a boy, enjoyed everything, and Cory had fun dragging whoever he could into the water.

Grandpa and Pip
Boden & Parker
Marley's Castle and Boden
The kids and Heath
Nice view Cory
Heath buried in the sand Cory and Nate helping Heath clean up.

Aug 21, 2007

The Willes's

We went last weekend to our friend Jen and Jeremys house. They live in Jerome over by Twin Falls. We had a good time with their little family. We went to see the falls and also some ice caves. It was so great. Our kids are all the same age, Trey and Marley are 8 months apart. Boden and Landon are two months apart. Cute little Kamryn and Piper are six months apart. They all had so much fun playing together. We for sure need to get together again soon. We are so blessed to have such good friends.

Aug 12, 2007

Bear Lake Photos

Bear Lake

We had a great week at Bear Lake. Most of the family was there. We went swimming in the pool everyday. We went miniature golfing (or Boden calls it golf coursing) one day. It was mostly just fun doing nothing but lounging around. We all had a great time, and Grandma Sandy had a good time spoiling the kids and giving them whatever they wanted. We love bear Lake.