Jun 26, 2009

Piper's Birthday

Piper is 3
Such a pretty poser
Tandi, Lilly, and Pip
opening presents
The cake that piper picked out. She loved the sun.
Blowing out candles
Sharing her "lips gloss"
I can't believe my baby girl is 3. She acts so grown up too. She loved that she got make up from her cousins. She is a such a sweetie. She is defiantly a princess and loves to have her hair done and has to have a bow in everyday, which I don't mind doing. She loves her cousins and loves to play. Her favorite thing to play with is Polly pockets and anything to do with Tinker Bell. Her favorite food is candy. She has such a sweet tooth. It is so hard to get her to eat her dinner but if candy is involved in anyway she will take a few bites. She loves to read books with Marley. She loves to be outside riding her bike or the jeep. She is a happy little girl and a total daddy's girl. She has her dad wrapped around her finger and he will give her anything she wants. We love you Piper.

Jun 25, 2009

Hogle Zoo

After Cory's run we went back to Salt Lake, and the next day we went to the Hogle Zoo for Piper's birthday. When we woke up it was pouring rain and we thought our day was ruined. After we ate breakfast, the rain stopped and the clouds disappeared and we thought we would take a chance and go. Everything worked out and we got some nice weather for the afternoon at the Zoo. The kids loved it. Marley's favorite part were the elephants and two little turtles um... piggyback riding. Boden loved the tigers. Piper loved the giraffes and the monkeys. Koen loved the milk and the easy stroller ride with out anyone bugging him. They all loved the Carousel ride too. It was so much fun. Loved it!
This is what Koen did most of the time. He was so good.
The big wet ball
On a huge Elephant trunk
The most perfect baby, Koen did not make a peep. He loved everything.
Watching the bird show

Piper loved the carousel

the saggy elephant
the goofs and the elephant
on a huge elephant trunk

Marley, Koen and the Zebras

Marley and Boden and some sort of muskrat or something

Jun 24, 2009

Well, Cory ran in the Ragnar Relay run this last weekend. I was very eventful. He really enjoyed it, and would love to do it again next year. This run was a team of 12 members, and each member of the team runs 3 legs. It is a total of 188 miles. It starts in Logan and ends up in Park City. It was a rainy weekend and by the end of the run it was storming. Cory was the 12th runner and was the last one to run. His team met him at the finish line and they ran it together. In the pictures you can see that he is soaked. The kids and I drove down to Park City to watch him run the finish line. When we got there the weather was pretty good. In a matter of minutes the clouds came and it started to down pour and we went running to find us a tent to get under. The rain was ferocious. Anyway, I am very proud of Cory. Good Job Babe!
Cory running to the finish line with his team behind him.
Cory and his team
The team picture after the run
This is where the kids and I were. This is inside the tent that we were under. The finish line is behind those other tents.
more of the rain storm.

Jun 23, 2009

Boden Playing T-ball

This is Boden's 2nd year at T-ball. This year he likes it a lot because he understands it better. He has gotten a lot better too. I think is is so fun to watch and pretty funny at the same time watching the boys slide into home plate, and running in a heard to get the ball. Good times!

Jun 12, 2009

Monkey's in my bed

Jun 7, 2009

My Baby Brother is Engaged

Yesterday my baby brother got engaged to Jessica. We are all so excited for him and LOVE Jess to death. We are so happy to have her in our family, she is a sweetheart.
Zach proposed to Jess at the park across from my parents house. He had a canopy set up with a table, candles, and her favorite desert. It was raining and so PerFect. Of Course my sisters and I snuck down to watch, and I did get some great pictures. My whole family were at my parents house ready to congratulate the cute couple.
The Ring
After he asked her
showing the ring
Zach and his mom. Jess on the phone with her family
Jess and Zach

Marley Dance Recital

Well, another great year of dance. Marley did a great job. She looked adorable in her costumes.

Jun 3, 2009

Memoral Weekend

Last weekend we went camping with my family at Sawtelle. It was the first camping trip this year and we loved it. We went with my parents and my brothers and sister. My parents had their 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday, that is a lot of years. It rained that day but it was beautiful. The kids played hard, riding their bikes and going on bear hunts. They mostly all get along really well and this trip was great, I don't think we had any melt downs. These cousins are the best of friends, and they absolutely love each other. Cory was the fire master, he built the fires and put them out. Koen loved to just hang out and was so good. Piper loved the painting and making necklaces. Boden loved riding the powerwheels and playing with the bo and arrow that uncle Heath bought. Marley was a good entertainer to the little girls. She played so well with them. She was awesome.
Our family
Gramps and Marley
best buds
Jen brought bird houses for the kids to paint. They loved it.
Koen just hangin' out.
Cory and Koen
Little man Koen
Boden and Parker on a Bear hunt.
Playing with gramps, Boden, Piper, and Meg.
Cousins, they had so much fun together
Marley and Koen at the bridge
At the bridge looking at the fish
Mom and Dad 35 years
Ko boy swiming
Lilly and Marley