Mar 24, 2011

Marley's 10th Birthday

I can't believe I have a ten year old. Marley is growing up to be such a beautiful, smart, lovely little lady. She had been sick the whole week before her birthday and even then wasn't totally feeling her best, but she put a beautiful smile on anyway. She asked for Asphalt Pie for her cake, cause that is her favorite. For gifts we gave her some new clothes and a fifty dollar bill. She has been saving her money for an i pod touch, pretty spendy, so we gave her money to add to it. Of course we had to celebrate Grandma Patti's birthday too, since her birthday is the next day. I love my mom she is the best lady I know, and I love her so much.
with her fifty dollar bill
blowing out the candles
Eating her favorite ice cream cake
Marley and Gram