Nov 22, 2010

Kids Pictures

Marley 9 1/2
Boden 6 1/2
Piper 4 1/2
Koen 22 months

Just Cuz run

Cory ran the Just Cuz half marathon. We were so proud of him. He did a great job. We were waiting at about 8 miles in to cheer him on. Then we went on to the finish line. He was 35 over all and 3rd in his age. Way to go honey.


Wow, October came and went fast this year. What a fun time Halloween was. The kids were very excited to dress up in exactly what they wanted. Marley is a NERD, Boden is the Transformer Optimus Prime, Piper is of course Tiana, the princess and the frog, and Koen is the Frog. They got tons of candy and Koen was very interested in eating it all.



This is my little sonshine.