Apr 11, 2010

Piper dance

Piper had to dance on Saturday for a dance competition. I got pictures in her costume, but my pictures of her on stage did not turn out. I will hopefully post pictures at her recital. She did so good. Her first dance was ballet. Then the second was tap. I was not to sure about the Lion costume, but this was the cutest dance. They were Lions in the jungle. Very cute!

Easter Morning

The girls got matching flip flops.

Easter Egg Hunts

Briscoe Family Easter egg hunt.

Every year my sister and I take our kids over to were my Grandma lives. They always have a great Easter egg hunt. This year because of the snow that had it indoors. It was not bad. The kids still had a blast. They all ended up with lots of candy and MONEY. Boden got outta their with 6 bucks. How fantastic is that.

Koe chillin with some candy.
Piper and Tandi

Sunday Easter Dress

Ohhh, this day wore me out. The kids wore their Eater outfits the Sunday before Easter. We have church early in the morning and did not get a chance to take pictures before. So I told them that I needed to take their picture after church. Mistake! Koen was soooo tired. Boden ran in the house as fast as he could to get Sunday clothes off. I had to bribe him and finally he agreed to put his shirt and tie on only, but he was leaving the Levi's on. Marley was a bit on the grouchy side and it was like pulling teeth to get her to smile. Then there is Piper who is always ready to smile for the camera( and why she is in all the photos).

Decorating EGGS

Coloring Eggs was sorta fun. The kids had a great time but I always wonder why I put the effort in. They argue over colors. The sparkle egg kit I bought Marley used on one egg then it was gone. Of course a cup or two of the dye was spilt. But still, it was time spent with my 4 little things and at the end of it all, I loved every moment.

Koen Walking

My baby Koen is finally walking. I was just waiting for this to happen. Marley walked at 9 months, Boden at 10 months, Piper at 11 months and so I was guessing Koen would be 12 months. Nope at 14months to the day he walked, and he is adorable. To get him to walk we would bribe him with the cell phone. He was already everywhere, and now he is everywhere faster.