Jan 13, 2010

Koen's 1st Birthday

I can't believe that it had been a year since this sweet little boy joined our family. He is truly an amazing little spirit. I love him so much and we are so very blessed to have him.
A few days ago we had a party at my mom's house. Koen shared a birthday party with my sister in law Jessica. He opened his presents and then got to get messy with his birthday cake.
The next day we had a party with the Briscoes, and there he shared a birthday with his cousin Dylan. Lots of birthdays and lots of fun.

The sisters helping Koen open his presents

The scary penguin
after it bonked him in the head
He has found out how fun it is to stick his tongue out.
Blowing out the candle
Wondering if it is really ok to dig in.
Daddy helping with the cake