Aug 22, 2009

Marley's Sugery Day

Marley just had her Tonsils and Adenoids taken out. She had a hard time breathing and sleeping and it was time to get it done. We went in Thursday morning, the surgery took about 25 minutes and then she had to go to recovery for 2 hours. She was a very brave little girl and did so well. Today is day 3 and she is great. Still a little sore, but is loving the attention. She has had many milkshakes and popsicles, and thinks that is awesome to have ice cream for dinner. Marley before the surgery
This is her silly dad wearing her awesome hat.
She got to color a bit while waiting
This is after, in the recovery room.
Se got to ride a wheel chair to the car.
Her grandma Patti spoiled her with an American Doll.
Lots of Milkshakes and Popsicles, she loves it.

Aug 20, 2009

Briscoe Campout

This year we all went to Indian Creek. Being with family is what I love the most. The Briscoe bunch is crazy fun.
Gramps and Gram have 21 grandkids
Boden riding Dylans motorbike. Most of the 4 and 5 year olds had a blast riding this.
These two are great pals.
Piper and Slayter
New buddies, one month apart.
Ryder and Koen
Marley and Lacie getting logs with Uncle Ben
Grandpa Vern letting the kids shoot the BB Gun
Pip getting her turn
Painting little trinkets that Aunt Lori brought
Marley, Chloe, Lacie and Rylie
More painting
Olsen, Hunter, Ethan, Piper and Sophie
Waiting for Cory to take them on a hike.
This is Baili with Andrew
This is how she like to start her naps
Olsen on the little 4 wheeler
Marley, Lacie, and Chloe
Slayter, Sophie and Boden
playing by the little stream
The newest baby

Aug 12, 2009

Raft River Water Slide

Our sis in Law Allie had a Birthday Party here. It is at a house in Raft River. The owners rent it out to people for the day. Very Fun and we all loved it.

Aug 7, 2009

Bear Lake

Our Favorite Place
We love Bear Lake. This year summer has just flown by so since Cory had a few weekdays off we packed up and went to Bear Lake. It was just us. Kind of weird with no other cousins or grandparents around, but nice. Cory took the kids hiking and to the Minnatonka cave. Then we spent a long time a the beach. We made smores, had a campfire, rode bikes, read a book. Very relaxing couple of days. Oh, and lots of showers for dirty little kids.
Lots of pictures
going on a hike
more hiking
Piper's grubby face
Pip's grubby feet, poor girl we forgot her shoes, only flip flops.

Always the best baby.
Mmmm marshmallows, my favorite
sitting around the campfire
I love em.
huh, get out of my shot
Cute campers
dirty little kids, especially Pip


We went to the beach one day and it was so relaxing. We were there for 6 hrs and loved it. The kids loved the water. The water was so warm, and the kids loved that they could walk far out because it was shallow. We did have a good time.