May 14, 2008

The Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with Bodens preschool.
Bodie Boy
Slayter, Boden, and Dylan
Piper was not to interested in the Buffalo
The Bear
The Bear scratching its back, The kids were laughing so hard.
Piper when she first saw the Bear.


Lane family said...

Piper is SO cute! I love the last picture. Even without the caption- I think you could say she looks like she just saw a bear! Cute kids... cute pictures!

aironn said...

The zoo? Does that mean summer is almost here? We'll have to take the kids to the zoo in Idaho Falls one day this summer. It is such a fun zoo. The boys sure have a cute and mischievious smile in the first picture!

cami said...

Funny you found me....I just found you yesterday from megans. Your blog is alot of fun! It is fun to check out how everyone's doing. How do you know megan?


Natalie said...

Hey Leslie: Your kids are so Dang cute! I'm standing in my kitchen laughing a the cute "fat-lip" pictures of Boden. Piper is so adorable! I can't believe she is getting so big! You are super-Mom! So what are you doing this weekend? We are going through Pocatello on Friday. Are you up for a Wii tournament? Britt has been asking to play with her pretty blonde friend with all the Per Shops! I'll call Ya and see if you'll be around! Love you guys!