May 6, 2008


Today we were lucky enough to get to babysit my niece Baili. She is 10 months old. She is very bright eyed and so observant. She loved watching the kids play. Piper loved having someone smaller than she is to boss around. The two girls were really cute together, they would play and move on to something else, and every where they went I had to take just one more picture.
Adorable little Baili
Piper putting a lei on Bail
Piper saying "so cute"
reading a story
playing piano
Piper wishing she could have that BaBa.


aironn said...

So cute! If Piper ever wants to be bigger than someone else again, let me know and I'll send Dylan over. I don't think he'd know what to do with girl stuff though!

Bobbi said...

Cousins are the Best! My boys think it's the greatest thing in the world to play with their cousins. How nice that Piper and Baili will be close enough to be good friends.

Burrup Family said...

They are both adorable!! I bet that was so fun to watch them together.

Briscoe's said...

My what cute little girls. I am glad that they had fun. Thanks so much for watching Baili.

Briscoe's said...

Will you email me those pictures for Baili's scrapbook.