Feb 28, 2011

Boden is Seven

Boden turned seven. He was so excited for his birthday. It started out the night before, Cory surprised us and took us to Lava to the hot pools, that is one of Boden's favorites. The next day was his birthday and his dad picked him up from school and took him to lunch at Mcdonalds,and then he brought cookies to school to share with his class. Later that night we had family come over for a party. We had cake and ice cream and he opened his presents. Mostly all of it was clothes and then we surprised him with a new bike. When I asked him what he was thinking when he saw the bike he said I thought my eyes we getting bigger and bigger. What a wonderful boy I have. He is kind and thoughtful and he loves his family.
Boden is 7
the kids

He did get a lot of clothes
his new bike

Blowing out his 7 candles
my cute little man
Boden and Mom


Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun birthday! Happy birthday to Boden!

Stephanie said...

Forgot to mention that your sister in law does do wonderful cakes. I love the cars cake. :)

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