Jan 29, 2008

Double Trouble: Meet Butch and Buzz

My computer hasn't been working for a few days, and I have been dying to blog this. Boden and his cousin Dylan are pure trouble when they are together. Last Sunday, these boys were supposed to be playing in the toy room. Well, Doug (Dylan's dad) heard the vacuum on downstairs, and went to go check it out. What he saw was Boden and Dylan vacuuming their freshly cut hair off their shirts. Next thing I hear is Doug yelling "Candace and Leslie you better get down here....now!" So we took the boys upstairs to take their picture first (I am a blogger, you know) and then gave them the lecture on how it is very naughty to cut your own hair. The first picture is Bo's scared face because he knows he is in trouble.

This is after the hair cut. At first Boden was really sad,
he loved his hair, and getting it combed.
Butch and Buzz just before going to preschool.
Their poor teacher Miss Sherry is so LUCKY to have them BOTH in her class.


Anonymous said...

kids......love tonya

Lori said...

Boden is so cute. What a funny story.

Chad and Cassie said...

What naughty boys but oh sooo cute! These will be cute pictures that they can look back on and laugh.

Adrianne said...

I just love that they thought no one was going to notice that two little boys were vacuuming. ha ha

Scott said...

Hey guys! At least they didn't cut one of the girls hair--right! I think that buzz cut is much cuter on Bo than it would have been on Piper! Still I'm sure it was shocking to find them cutting their hair to the scalp!